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Pride and Prejudice March 12, 2006

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What a great movie! Go watch it if you could… trust me, you won’t regret it!

Pride and Prejudice (2005) Poster


Usability Test February 7, 2006

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Came across this one today and couldn’t help not mentioning it here. Usability Test in real world. 🙂

Seth’s Blog: Found it

It is, of course, located on the leg of the table.

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Starbucks in Shanghai January 23, 2006

Posted by gogobu in Life.
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Starbucks in Shanghai

Today Starbucks just opened a new shop at the bottom floor of our office building. As you can see from the picture taken with my poor SonyEricsson Z-608’s 10M Pixel camera, people are waiting in line and eagered to get a cup of coffee.

Not long ago, on that exact same spot there was another local branded coffee shop lasted for around 6 months and went out of business. Some people tend to blame “FengShui” of the office location for such things to happen. Let’s see if this applies to foreign companies as well. 😛

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