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Del.icio.us! January 27, 2006

Posted by gogobu in Web.
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After another round of googling for del.icio.us extensions, I’ve found the following ones which I believe will make your del.icio.us experience a much better one.

There you have it… the extensions I found useful.

Ultimately, you could check out this article for other extensions if you’re interested: http://pchere.blogspot.com/2005/02/absolutely-delicious-complete-tool.html

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Del.icio.us, Furl, and Spurl January 24, 2006

Posted by gogobu in Web.
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After googling around for the whole day, just found out that Furl is actually being around for quite some time now… even before del.icio.us. There’re also several similar services available, such as the promising Spurl.

Here’re some good discussions regarding this topic:

Here’s a summary comparing the three:

Good for taking web snapshots (personal web file cabinet), with good full text searching capability. Supports full content export.
Bad for information browsing — still in old fashioned file explorer style with no multiple tags (keywords) nor hierarchical categories (topics) support. Re: What’s all the buzz about tags?
Good for quick bookmarking. Flexible tagging. Good social sharing.
Bad for taking snapshots (doesn’t support) — information could become unavailable after some time.
Good for tagging and taking snapshots. Can automatically sync del.icio.us entries for you. Kind of combining the best of the other two. Better way of browsing the collection with a tree styled navigation and a sidebar util for your browser.
Bad for daily usage — connection speed to the server is very slow… avarage round trip time for a ping package was 500ms from where I live. Also, doesn’t support snapshot exports.

So, which one should I use? Functionality wise, I like Spurl more. Unfortunately, right now the connection speed is so bad that I have to give up. I guess I’ll probably have to settle for del.icio.us + Furl for the time being — just as Amy suggested in her Furl and Del.icio.us: Almost Perfect Together.

Time to search for some useful extensions for del.icio.us now. 🙂

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Del.icio.us? January 24, 2006

Posted by gogobu in Web.
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Im sure you’ve heard about all the good things about del.icio.us… Granted, it’s quite simple to collect and organize all your web based information by associating URLs with tags — far better than the traditional bookmarks. What’s more, you can access it from any PC which has an Internet connection — nice. Just one copy of your online bookmark, no more sync-ing around between your office and home desktops. Same as Hotmail vs. Outlook. There’s also the “social” flavor of it which is nice to have.

However, after using it for awhile I still felt there’s something missing… the same problem those traditional bookmarking tools faced as well. Let’s say you came across a really good site and happily saved the URL for future use. Couple months later you found that this great site no longer exists — bummer. Google Cache? what if Google Cache doesn’t have it? For instance, a forum post? Aren’t there a better solution to this problem???

Here comes Furl — it’s just like del.icio.us, but with a little twist. Yes, you can now save a snapshot of the page along with your URL, tags, comments… etc. It even comes with toolbars for your browsers for easy saving. Cool. According to it’s usage guide, each member will be offered 5GB of storage for snapshots. The best thing I love about Furl is the ability to “export” all your saved snapshots in case someday they went out of business…

Anyways, I’ll probably spent some time over the next few days during the Chinese New Year holidays to try it out. Stay tuned for updates. 🙂

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